Breakthrough Leadership For Your YPO Forum

By way of certified trainers, individual accountability, and a global structure, your YPO forum has the opportunity to flourish and with it, your members and their corporations. When your forum is in high-performance mode, it’s easy to sit back on your laurels and yet when you’re in a decline/renewal phase, there’s a tendency to fall into crisis management.

The Young Presidents Organization (YPO) was built to be a support engine for up-and-coming CEOs, Presidents, and Executives. Is your forum taking advantage of your change to drive performance, results, and success?

YPO Learning Programs & Forum Retreats are skillfully designed for new and experienced YPO members, as well as regional and international chapter Boards. The experiences are always structured to your unique needs including but not limited to:

  • New Forums launching
  • Forums looking for deeper connection
  • Forums in decline or renewal phase
  • Group fellowship
  • Launch, vision, action
  • Creating sustainable longevity
  • Individual leadership
  • Strategic planning as a forum
  • Maintaining momentum

Inspiring Venues

Thanks for doing a great job at our Super Forum event. I thought it was the best Forum instruction our Chapter has ever received.

Jim Harmon, Canada

You did an incredible job of adjusting to the needs of our Forum. Your strength of vulnerability gave you street cred and was truly inspiring. You set us up for a great Forum year, with the tools and roadmap to keep us on track!

Winfield Brown, United States

Thank you for an outstanding Retreat! Your leadership, knowledge, energy and passion clearly emanated. Keep doing what you’re doing – it’s impacting a lot of people in a positive way.

Paul Shekoski, United States

A huge thank you for your impressive contribution to designing and delivering our global conference. I appreciated your intuitive style, strength and power alongside your warm, observant and nurturing facilitation style.

Roni Witkin, United Kingdom and International

You are the best facilitator I have ever worked with! You have a great talent for capturing the essence of the moment, and the depth of vocabulary to describe it perfectly. Thank you!

Sally Pofcher, United States


Michael Boydell, CEO Advisor

There aren’t many CEO Advisors who know exactly what it’s like to run a high-performance company on a day-to-day basis. Michael Boydell does. Michael is a globally-certified regional and international YPO forum facilitator with a fresh approach to navigating an organization from the top. His clients experience renewed motivation in their personal and professional goals, deeper connection in their relationships, and a sense of whole life balance rare in positions of such responsibility. He uses his Fear Less Advantage™ methodology to support his clients one-on-one and through high-impact keynote speeches, retreats, and workshops.

Deeper Experiences

Turn your YPO forum into the accountability machine it’s designed to be.

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Michael, thank you for leading our community conversation.
You performed perfectly!

Roger Lee, Taiwan and Asia Pacific

Michael brought a deep skill set and a natural intuitiveness that allowed our Forum to connect, share and bond at a deeper level. He has a fluidness which makes him easy to understand while inviting individual learning and application.

Michael Bloch, United States and International

Wow. It was amazing to watch you in action at our global conference. You have such a beautiful and genuine spirit. Thank you for all the effort you put such an amazing experience.

John Drury, North America

You were a generous and caring facilitator, who paid close attention to group dynamics while challenging us to reach further. You took me out of my comfort zone, and the way you held the space made me trust you.

Paula Abramovicz Erlich, Brazil and South America

You did an awesome job in designing and leading our global conference. I appreciated your very balanced leadership and communication style. What you do simply works – keep it coming!

Gulnar Vaswani, Hong Kong and Asia Pacific

YPO Forum Workshops & Annual Retreat Programs

International or Regional Board

Using in-depth surveys, interviews, and diagnostic tools, we get clear on your Board’s core issues and internal objectives prior to designing your custom program. Every 1-2 day workshop or retreat program is high-impact and results-driven. We use a proven methodology and proprietary tools to achieve a clear ROI with a follow-up mechanism to ensure long-term integration.

YPO or YPO Gold Forum

Whether your YPO forum is in high-performance mode or it needs a little extra attention, we can help drive a deeper connection between your members and individual member companies. A 2-4 day forum retreat workshop will help isolate strengths, overcome key challenges, and create clarity around hidden obstacles to re-energize your forum and drive long-term, sustainable balance.

New or Recently Launched YPO Forum

A newly launched YPO forum can feel intimidating or worse, fall apart before the members attain any benefit. An Accelerated Launch Program will help you set a vision, establish roles, and create operating principles that will inspire momentum and ensure longevity for your forum. These 2-4 day programs are designed to support you where you most need it, without any of the fluff you don’t.

Create clarity to drive results, performance, and high-level visioning.

YPO forum and Board experiences are the perfect complement to an existing Advisory Relationship or as a precursor to Team Performance initiatives in your organization.

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Read, Watch, Learn

Access a customized tool box of global best practices, individual, and team performance tools any time you want.