Be more than a boss.
Be a leader.

Your team is everything. You rely on them to implement your vision, build momentum, achieve results, and embrace a sense of ownership in their role. As a leader, you shoulder the pressure and responsibility to decide which team members are the most promising, who to invest in, who to let go, and most importantly, how to drive individual and group performance.

Team Performance initiatives are workshops and corporate retreats, exclusively designed and delivered to increase agility, cohesion, and motivation in industries and organizations such as:

  • National/International Organizations
  • Industry Groups & Trade Associations
  • Large Corporate Executive Teams & Branches
  • Conference & Corporate Retreat Attendees
  • Non-Profits / Charitable Organizations
  • Elite Athletic Teams
  • Corporate Boards of Directors
  • Private Company Shareholders
  • Family Business Owners

Each executive team offsite you run moves us even further forward, individually and collectively. It’s amazing to see our team coming together focused on a common goal.

Dave Sproat, CEO, United States and International

Michael helped renew our long-term strategy, growth roadmap and governance structure. He guided us through hiring and on-boarding a President, and re-alignment of shareholder roles. I can’t say enough about his positive impact.

Bill Benjamin, Partner and Business Owner, North America and International

Michael has an uncanny ability to assess and understand people, teams and their interactions. He has been an invaluable advisor to me over the past decade.

Sam Ifergan, Chairman and CEO, North America and International

Thanks to Michael our business partnership has never been smoother. We reap the benefits of his guidance every day.

Alex Pettes, CEO and Chairman, Canada

Michael’s many gifts are easy to spot – smart, good humored, organized and creative. But his authenticity stands out above all – he listens respectfully to understand and seeks to collaborate, rather than compete. He is a most impressive human being.

Maryanne Mooney, Australia and International

Michael Boydell, Performance Advisor & Keynote Speaker

There aren’t many advisors who know exactly what it’s like to manage a global team on a day-to-day basis. Michael Boydell does. Michael is best known for his fresh approach to navigating an organization from the top. His clients experience renewed motivation in their personal and professional goals, deeper connection in their relationships, and a sense of whole life balance rare in positions of such responsibility. He uses his Fear Less Advantage™ methodology to support his clients one-on-one and through high-impact keynote speeches, retreats, and workshops.


Turn “team building” into “team initiative” at your next company retreat.

Contact us to find out how we can help inspire, motivate, and drive performance.

Workshops & Corporate Retreats

Your organization doesn’t need another cookie cutter presentation.
That’s why every Boydell workshop and corporate retreat goes through a 3-phase delivery process.


You would never go into a high-stakes game without doing your research and neither would we. We start by facilitating team personality diagnostics, individual interviews, and upfront survey tools to help discern the facts from the frustration.


Using the research in Phase 1 and proprietary tools such as Fear Less Teams™, a set of specific exercises based on The Fear Less Advantage™ framework, Michael will design and recommend the best program for your unique situation.


Your workshop or corporate retreat will be delivered as part of a multi-day off-site with additional advisory guidance to your team leader on how to follow through with the learnings and maintain inner circle momentum.

Create a big win for your team.

Team Performance initiatives can be offered as a part of or in addition to Leadership Transformation programs or as a complement to your YPO forum retreat or regional event. These workshops and retreats are custom designed based on initial consultations and diagnostics in order to provide the best results. Contact us to apply and book.

Read, Watch, Learn

Access a customized tool box of global best practices, individual, and team performance tools any time you want.