Change How You Lead Yourself & Others

You are expected to maintain steadfast performance and leadership equilibrium during times of calm, growth, and crisis.

Making the right decision across any situation demands a compelling vision that holds true, a strategic roadmap to chart your way, and deep awareness of your own strengths and unproductive tendencies. With these as your assets, you can transform your big ideas into reality.

Leadership Transformation

If you’re a successful and discerning elite-level performer, CEO, President, or General Manager, you know the importance of vision, whole team engagement, and a reliable mechanism to debrief, reflect, learn and if necessary, change the course of action. Our Leadership Transformation programs combine any situational challenge or desire with a proven methodology that will move you forward. Ignite your performance by participating in a collaborative, hands-on workshop, attending a keynote speech or engaging in a 1-to-1 advisory relationship.

Achieve your peak performance.

Team Performance

As a seasoned executive or team coach, you already know that your reputation and success is tied to the cohesion, capabilities, and performance of your team. Our Team Performance initiatives support you in realizing the very best your team has to offer, wherever you are in the team performance cycle: selecting and integrating new team members; aligning individuals to a common vision; securing trust and team member connection; clarifying roles and accountabilities; navigating obstacles and change; or renewing purpose in times of decline.

Strive for more, together.

YPO Forums & Retreats

Use your next retreat to harness your collective potential and move beyond. A globally-certified and highly-rated YPO resource can get you there. Our multi-day in-depth retreats help your Forum diagnose and overcome performance blockers, realize breakthrough connections and experiences, and deepen lasting performance. Designed as high-impact and results-driven, these workshops and retreats are created exclusively for your international, regional, couples, or chapter-based Forum.

Get more from your YPO Forum experience.

Membership Program
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Exclusive access to the best resources from wherever your life takes you: trailblazing articles and research, breakthrough tools, winning techniques, and VIP events. The Fear Less Circle is a global community of elite leaders and performers like you, who are serious about their own growth and driven to create a lasting impact on the things that matter most in their lives. Simply put: we show high-achievers how to integrate all aspects of their lives in a way that is beneficial and supportive for everyone involved.

Stop trying to go it alone.

When You Want More Than A Coach

On-Site or Off-Site Workshops

As part of an ongoing leadership development initiative or to incorporate team learning into a larger national event, workshops are a way to inspire, build connection and purpose, and create a system for shifting into a next level of performance and capacity.

Topics can include but are not limited to: Whole Life Integration, Creating Breakthroughs For Success, Creativity In The Workplace, Building Connection & Intimacy in Relationship, and Transitioning To A New Phase or Career Path. For groups of 10-50 attendees, these half-day workshops can be incorporated into keynote speech programs with access to online follow-up tools. Workshops can also be customized to a multi-day structure with modules offered over an extended period of time.

A good leader is a guide and a champion. Invest in your company by giving your people the opportunity to become their best selves.


1:1 Advisory Relationship

The right advisory relationship is one that supports you through your decision making process, challenges your assumptions, helps you overcome old patterns, invites accountability, and believes that your biggest goals are attainable. The right advisor is more than a coach; they are part of your inner circle and trusted team. If you’re an established, influential leader or elite performer, you already know how important your roster is to your bottom line.

A 1:1 Advisory Relationship can help you regain momentum in your most important life priorities. These limited availability retainer commitments include off-site retreats as well as invitations to exclusive group retreats and regular accountability meetings to keep you in the game. Ideal for multinational executives, professionals, or elite athletes who appreciate discretion along with life-changing results.  

You have the opportunity to change the way you design, lead, and realize success in your life. Make your next move the beginning of your legacy.  


Keynote Speeches

Keynote speeches are an integral part of any corporate retreat, industry conference or large group seminar. For corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, elite athletes, or industry experts, a keynote speech is often the most prominent take home value, relaying an important message of passion and unity to your attendees’ experience.

Michael Boydell is a dynamic, inspirational speaker with a knack for combining the newest psychology, timeless lessons, and real-life examples in an engaging storytelling narrative. For small, medium, or large audiences, keynote programs can be tailored to your event or paired an interactive half- or multi-day workshop to deepen learning and participant follow-through. Choose either a TED Talk-style 20-minute presentation, a 60-minute in-depth motivational speech, or ask for a customized program specific to your event and audience. Topics include but are not limited to: Leading In A Fear Full Environment, Adapting To Change, Integrating Whole Life Balance, and Deepening Connection In Relationship.

Turn your event into an inspirational, motivational experience they’ll be talking about for years to come. Go on, raise the bar.

Want to book Michael to speak at your next event or as a guest on your podcast?

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